This is a small selection of texts published by Róza El-Hassan and studies about her work. at this monent we are still trying reseach and  archive a comprehensive bibliography - we apologize for text formating misstakes during the construction time

Roza El-Hassan, QrcodesforSyria - on non-violant activism in Syria
in :
and  in CIMAM newsletter:

Shadi Alshhadeh - Róza El-Hassan , Syrian Voices
in Museums beyond the  Crisis,  CIMAM 2012 , Conference reader,
to be published in 2013 July, Oxford Press

Róza El-Hassan, 'The customary Abuse of artistic Autonomy'
in  Tranzit, Art has always its consequences',  published by Sternberg Press, 2012
ISBN/ISSN: 978-963-08-0271-0

'We all love the material' Magyari D. Imre interviews with Roza El-Hassan , in Art- on Lake booklets. published by  Museum of Fine Arts,  Budapest , 2010

Andrea Bordács - interviews Roza El-Hassan , Bohoc a falon - Clown on the Wall , Magazin: Újművészet, 2012 March

IN FOCUS - Roza El-Hassan interviewed by Pedrag Pajdic, London. 2007

Najmányi László videoportréja. Róza El-Hassan interviewed by Lászlo Najmányi, 2010 május 26

An Interview with Róza El-Hassan on the occasion of her exhibition at the Mücsarnok (Kunsthalle) in Budapest, July-September 2006 by Allen Siegel

Róza El-Hassan, Budapest Box, Artist edition made for Revolver Group archive, May 2005,

Drawing Papers 38, Róza El-Hassan's drawings,  introduction text by the artists,  catelogue, Drawing Center, NY, 2003

Róza El-Hassan, Leseraum, catalogue  and texts for a  curatorial project. published by Secession Wien, 2002

I amo overpopulation- Extra-territoria
Róza El-Hassan in dialogue with Milcia Tomic and Branimir Stojanovic

Anita Haldemann,  Tangles and Networks,  in catalogue Inbetween,  Hatje Cantz
ISBN. 9783775732376

Eva Scharrer, R. as in Róza? On Roza El-Hassan's ambivalent sculptures.
in catalogue Inbetween, Hatje Canzt
ISBN. 9783775732376

Gabriel  Fkückigem , Basel: Róza El-Hassan , Kunstbulletin, 2012

Franciska Glozer
Roza El-Hassan Drop and Roll, Objekte und Zeichnungen
Exhibtion text in  Gallery Tony Wuetrich, Basel, 2010

Beate Hock,  El-Hassan Róza, Lettre International  Hungary, no. 69., 2008

"Zwischen Ornament und Protest", in Some Stories cat., Kunstverein Bregenz, 2005

"Our Love of Anachronism", at Catalogue, Moszkva ter, publ. By Ludwig Museum, Budapest

" Demonstrationsaesthetik", Kunstbulletin, CH, 2003

Roza El-Hassan, "Administrated Images", Autonomie in der Kunst, Kunsthalle, Basel,2001

Roza El-Hassan "Image Engine", cat, Roza El-Hassan, Ludwig Museum Budapest, 1999

Roza El-Hassan "Leseraum" in the catalgue of her curatorial project. Leseraum, , Secesssion, Wien








earlierselected  bibliography before 2005:




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