From May 2017 09 : How to Proceed? - Breeze 2
Red Star Line Museum old shipyard,

Upcoming May 2017 09 : How_to_Proceed? - Breeze 2 - new sculptures, drawings and buildings, location Red Star Line Museum old shipyard, Antwerp, opening at 18.30 pm


Upcoming May 2017 21- July 30: Out of the Blue - a group show in IG- Halle Rapperswill- Jona-Zurich


Adobe Domes' Architecture and Theory - Syrian Voices Mediation and Art





2016 July- August: an adobe dome house shelter model is build in Greece at Schwarz Foundation, Art Space Pythagorion




2016 September 11 - Open Studio in Budapest


Future's Dialect - an exhibition with Martha Rosler in Kunstraum Riehen- Basel OPENING 27 MAY 7PM 28 MAY TROUGH 3 JULY 2016


The Messure of our Traveling Feet, Marres House of Contemporary Culture, Maastricht, the Netherlands, 25.9—27.11.2016