Roza El-Hassan
"R. thinking about overpopulation n5. " / Donation

Comments on the Donation

"This donation is a real donation.
It is a positive act of social solidarity, "

"It is creating a social space, the donor feels after donating blood physically very well, since it is generally considered to be healthy.
Red cross offers beer and sandviches to people participating in the donation."

"This performance is not art, it is merely a political act:
It is a act of solidarity with the suffering of Palestinian people.

"The person who lies on Arafat's photo is willing to offer himself for critique:
The critique of lying on the wrong spot.
Critique because of placing him/ herself inbetween convenient fields of majority's opinion. "

"The person who lies on the colorfields/ or monochorms is placing himself or herself on the spot of of modernism , enlightment, or just on the vital visual strength of sensual colorfields."


"I have to explain you the Holocaust."

"The performance is not a political act, it's merely an artistic homage to Viennese actionism and Eastern-European body-art. It is exploring the field how to develope the splenderous, dionissian -act of actionism and to dismantel it from redundant elements and to put the blood into precise ( tiny ) medical bags and into further circulation in social space."


"This performance is politically not correct, because the other beds should be covered with Sharon's photo to make it politically correct. People should donate blood to Germans living in Kurdistan"

" ---> therefore:: art is only art if it is politically correct"

"The performamce is a semiotic experiment exploring the systems/ networks of communicationon."

"Both sides suffer in Izrael"

"Don't forget the victims on the buses"

"The artist Roza El-Hassan has previously made several art-works exploring circles / networks of communiction: digital and immediate communication :
Units of communication and units of art-work can be mediated through units of files through the channels of the world wide web structure.
Units of communication and art can be mediated through units of money mediated through the world wide bank transfer -system .
Untis of communication and art can be mediated through biological goods entering the world wide systems of transfers. One of this goods is blood, to carry humanity, exceptional non capitalized good will, interpersonal transfer, and eventually also biological encodings of epidemies."

"This performance is not a statement, it's merely an analysis of the local readings and interpretation of a global media icon.
Arafat placed through this pressphoto a polupist mediapicture in global massmedia, and the artist investigates the local meanings and reactions through the real life repetion in smaller local/ social spaces. - It's homage and and further a didactic-symbolic dramatization of the image as it appears in Walter Benjamin's "The Work of Art in the Age of Mechanical Reproduction" .

"Roza El-Hassan makes a fool of herself by trying to reproduce this pressphoto."

"Roza El-Hassan makes a fool of weak Arafat by reproducing his serious politcal act as a woman."
A Syrian relative of the artist: "Woman should be queen in the house." -- smile ----

A friend: "Roza has no boyfriend and replaced it with Arafat"

------ " I'm not surprized..."


-- about LePen?"

-- oh, no, stop it, i't's quite late , I have to go home now. See you on Saturday's opening, at Studio Galéria, OK?